• The Diocese has announced the plans for the disbursement of funds from the sale of 200 West Morgan Street. The plan is in three phases, and we are currently in Phase I. Learn more.
  • Return to Diocesan House by May 10: "Give Up Your Silence" postcards! Add your voice to those meeting with elected representatives at Advocacy Day 2024 via the "Give Up Your Silence" postcard campaign. Learn more.
  • Spring/Summer reminder: Elect your delegates for the 209th Annual Convention! The deadline to submit names of delegates and alternates is July 31 - the form will be available soon, but make your plans now to elect those who will represent you at Convention.
  • As of June 1, the Diocese of North Carolina will issue Fair Share Statements only by email. Make sure your leadership contact information is up to date; if you are a church leader and haven't completed an updated Church Officer Form this year, please ensure you do so.

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